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Teachers should really try to experience how the different tools feel when they are being used the zcode system correctly. It is usually much easier to recommend the right tool for a student if you have personal, experiential understanding of that tool.
4. Occasionally, a teacher may feel that he or she should use PR time to prepare teaching in other areas. The situation here is not that the teacher does not care or that she is not a good teacher, but that the teacher does not recognize that good teaching practices must be applied to PR and during PR time. The PR program does not work just by itself. You can not recognize what is going on in PR if you are not participating in it.

5. The first day a new activity is introduced students will test the limits of that activity. This is built in human nature; it is part of our survival instinct. Students may also be very surprised, excited or happy initially. Any teacher that judges a new activity by the student’s reactions to it on the first day of use is doing the program a major injustice. Teachers must expect an initial adjustment period when any new technology is introduced the bathmate x40. Judge the new activity on the third day of use.

6. Each student needs different settings as they develop their reading skill. Many of these winsol reviews settings are very different from how the teacher likes to read. It is imperative that the teacher listen to each student as well as observe that student. Student input is critical to the teacher being able to give good advise. Teachers must not assume that they know what is best. Experimentation and student feedback is often necessary. The teacher is really a co-traveler with the student in order to determine the right setting at each stage in the student’s growth. Both together are navigating the path forward.

This is a very different type of teaching for many teachers. However, teachers also find that student respect and student progress with the male extra is often greatly accelerated with this approach. Many students will do almost anything for a teacher when they feel the teacher cares about their observations, opinions and feelings.

7. Becoming an expert in using technology to improve reading is a growth process. It is not something that is totally self-evident or already fully known by most classroom teachers. Teacher cooperation is essential for success. Teachers in the same grade must share their best PR practices with each other. Teachers must be open to growing and improving. Teachers must be open to suggestions and correction from each other and from the PR trainer. Also, successful hydromax x40 user teachers with PR “do not sweat the small stuff”.

Two different grades can have completely different rates of success with PR depending almost totally on teacher attitude. Just one or two negative teachers in a grade can stifle cooperation in that grade. This will happen even if all the other teachers in that grade want to share ideas and cooperate.

Role of the Principal

The principal must be pro-actively involved to make PR work. He must use the kw finder provide each teacher doing PR with a fixed and protected time to do PR each day. The principal must provide prerequisite training for the teachers and time each week for the teachers to share ideas about PR with each other. The principal and the Language Arts administrator must work together to protect the PR time each day; PR must be a stated priority of the administration as well as of the principal. The principal must provide the proper number of computers and carts, or the program won’t work. Ideally the principal should also have the school reading teacher provide daily assistance in PR until the classroom teachers are fully up to speed.

Getting Students to Care