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The PR Program enables teachers to tie in the PR testogen instructions with other class reading the teachers are doing:

The MA Envirothon Partners

1. The books read in PR can be the same ones read during the rest of the class time.

2. Troubled readers can pre-read on the Hydromax X30 computer the book chapter being read in class.

3. The book report required in PR upon finishing each book can be completed according to the format developed by the breast actives teacher in the rest of the class time.

4. Every Thursday students tie in their current reading in PR to something else they are studying in the classroom or to a recent special event.

5. A number of the Great Books can serve as wonderful parallels and contrasts to the books being read in class.

Helping African American and Latino Students; Helping Low Income Students

These students get as much help as they need with Proportional Reading. They can do well on state testing. All students in a class use the same anvarol program at the same time. No extra resources or staff are needed for any special group of students. Everyone improves.

Vocabulary Growth

Grand Plans:

The opposite occurs when I made the yoga burn work grand plans.  Not so much with groceries; this is usually when I find myself at the Local Hardware Superstore.  I have a quick DIY project to finish, and I could buy that $7 tub of drywall compound since it’s more than enough.  But there’s an enormous $14 dollar vat right beside it, and if you work it out, the price per ounce is so much cheaper.  I could definitely fix up a couple other spots around the house, and who knows what else?  So I go for it, filled with grand plans and high hopes.  Of course I probably won’t end up using it before it dries out into an unusable crumble in the basement, so that’ll be another $7 gone to waste.  Not a big deal, but if you start totaling up the other odds and ends I’ve bought with similar ideas for the bathmate x20 in mind, that’s when it starts to add up.  Boxes of nails (for projects!), sandpaper (grit!) and other tools end up lying unused in the basement, and the dollar count gets a little larger.  I definitely need to scale back and decide whether I really need that extra can of paint in the cart, or if the one I have at home is enough for now.

Motivation Deprivation: