Workshops For Maenvirothon

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Monitoring consists of what the teacher does during the PR session each day. There are five major monitoring functions to perform:

1. The teacher must make sure the students get started quickly and correctly.

2. The teacher must keep the penomet students quiet.

3. The teacher must make sure the students write each day during the PR session. The teacher must check on the students as they are writing to make sure they are on the venapro site task and that they realize that they are accountable and that their teacher cares that they do a good job.

4. The teacher must perform all assessments.

Workshops For Maenvirothon

5. The teacher must help the students as they grow. Growth in PR is very fast and very substantial. It is so fast that students often need a little help with the Male Edge making transitions to the next level. Furthermore, many children, especially from the inner city, do not know how to advocate for themselves correctly; nor do they know when they are doing something right or wrong. For all these reasons students often need a little help moving to the next step. Finally, half of all children will need a little help from the teacher overcoming subvocalization.

Need for an Open Mind

Teachers must realize and believe that there is a technological solution for almost every reading difficulty. Once teachers start to use technology, they discover many instant solutions to problems. These solutions are often very surprising. Teachers must know in advance that this is going to happen and be prepared for this to take place. The major point here is that the teacher needs to recognize that with technology change in students can occur instantly, or has just taken place. The teacher needs to constantly have an open mind during PR. Labeling students is very risky because change can occur so suddenly. The teacher must also be aware of how he or she can unintentionally impede progress in PR. Here are some of the main ways these situations take place:

1. Students will not tell the teacher correctly how they feel. Students may be on the instant knockout in denial of their feelings; they may not realize that they are acting out; they may not be able to recognize that they have made progress; they may feel the teacher does not care about moving them up; or they may feel the teacher has made up his or her mind about them and that it is too risky to try to tell the teacher that they have changed their position or made progress.

2. Often only a slight change in technology is all that is necessary for a student to blossom. Often the student only needs to shift from automatic to manual pausing. Sometimes the child just needs to adjust the contrast and brightness of the screen. Many times the child desperately needs Gynectrol to move up. Frequently a student only needs a few minutes help in learning how to think about what was just read, how to visualize, how to reduce guessing or how to overcome subvocalization. Sometimes the child only needs to type to begin writing. A few students need voice-to-type dictation capability.

3. Teachers who have trouble doing the PR program themselves sometimes use the wealthy affiliate inadvertently project this condition onto their students. The result is that sometimes they don’t let their students repeat the sentence when necessary or advance when ready. Teachers can easily correct this condition once they recognize it.