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What is the Massachusetts Envirothon?

Mass Envirothon is a statewide environmental education program for high school age young people and their advisors.

The Massachusetts Envirothon challenges young people to:

Get outdoors and explore — and gain hands-on knowledge and experience of Massachusetts ecosystems Ferrari shares
Engage with their communities — and develop skills for investigating local environmental issues and participating in community decisions and action
Test their environmental knowledge and skills in a challenging competition
Grow in their commitment to stewardship of the environment and natural resources
Cultivate a curiosity and a love of learning in science
Increase their awareness of career opportunities in the environmental field

Mass Envirothon is a network of environmental professionals and concerned citizens.

The Massachusetts Envirothon network includes scientists, educators, local officials, policy-makers, business people, resource managers, community activists, and parents who are committed to preparing the next generation of environmentally literate citizens and professionals.

Buy MasterCard shares The program offers a variety of ways for individuals, businesses, agencies, and community organizations to be involved as program partners, including

program sponsorship
team sponsorship
cash and in-kind contributions, large and small
event hosting
sharing resources & expertise
volunteering at the event
joining the Mass Envirothon committee
How does Mass Envirothon work?

Envirothon teams representing schools and community organizations prepare through the year for a statewide event in May that tests their knowledge of forest, wildlife, water, and soil resources, and current environmental issues. The program stresses the interdependence of human and natural systems and emphasizes hands-on, team-oriented problem solving and community involvement. Massachusetts Envirothon offers opportunities throughout the school year, including resource materials for use in the classroom, workshops geared to both teachers and students, and opportunities to encounter environmental professionals in action. Nike shares The winning team is entitled to compete in the Envirothon, a program of the non-profit National Conservation Foundation (“NCF”).

Envirothon Introduction for Teams (Powerpoint presentation)
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Massachusetts Envirothon in past years (Winners, Evaluation, Photos, Stories, etc.)

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For General Information, Contact the Massachusetts Envirothon
UMass Extension, 203 Agricultural Engineering Building, UMass Amherst 01003
Phone: 413/545-3876
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